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The Adaptive Learning Centerís curriculum focuses on real life skills achievements, helping clients fill gaps in their ability to manage adult life. ALCís curriculum focuses on real life skills achievements, helping clients fill gaps in their ability to manage adult life. ALC develops and coordinates a number of Learning Groups which focus on health skills (nutrition, social skills, problem solving, stress management, menís & womenís group), money (budgeting, saving, shopping, couponing), art and computer groups, community outings and activities, leisure time management, holiday and travel planning, and much more. ALC promotes healthy living, coordinating health club memberships and participation in other healthy activities for clients, and the use of public transportation.


Outings in the Community

Our Education and Day Program Coordinator also plans weekly events with clients - lunch in the community, on site parties, picnics, trips to the local farmerís market and the local library, all day field trips, and shopping excursions. Educational outings are also planned monthly, such as to art galleries, historical locations and cultural events. Activities are selected to provide clients with positive social experiences, an introduction to the larger community, and travel training. These fun activities also help build the feeling of belonging within the community. Outings may be picnics, barbecues, potlucks or going to various places in the Bay Area on public transit, usually BART and bus. Clients are encouraged to go again to these destinations, with one another, if they enjoyed themselves. In-house activities usually involve individual and team games and competitions, with prizes being awarded to the winners at the end.


The Education and Day Program Coordinator is also responsible for preparing clients to vote in elections, without pressure to adhere to any particular party or philosophy. Candidates and ballot propositions are reviewed, and clients are encouraged to think critically about the issues. The importance of voting, and how it impacts their lives is emphasized including voter registration.

ALC promotes healthy living.  We develop and facilitate nutrition groups and walks. Some clients prefer to join health clubs in the greater community with assistance from ALC staff.  ALC clients usually schedule exercise 4 times a week. Our clients track their weight, and can set their own goals toward weight loss, flexibility, strength, endurance, or any other factor of interest to the individual.


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